Preventative Medicine and Data Sciense into your Business

Health department is not a cost center but a profit center.

Problems with physical health, mental health, and sleep disturbance are common risk factors which damage on human’s life and business productivity. Our professional team, comprised M.D., Ph.D. specialized in preventative medicine, M. Phil., data scientist, and professional of healthcare manager in a company, will give you a solution to improve your health and performance.

Maximize the Return on Investment

Find the best points to use a leverage

Sophisticated questionnaires and massive data enable to reveal the critical point which maximize the positive effect with the intervention. Usually, the points are very common but very unique for the combination. Personal factors such as lifestyle such as food-intake, daily exercise, sleep hygiene, the environment of the bedroom…etc. would be risk factors but it differs for each person. Business factors such as compensation, position, skill-match, human relationships…etc. would be the factors but it differs for each organization. We identify the key factor which improves the person's health, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Do you have an office in Japan? Why not you use your health related data.

Annual health check in Japan has a lot of useful data. Especially in stress-check, it has started since 2015, is a strong tool to identify multiple useful factors.

If you are interested in leveraging your health data or introduce physical health / stress check system into your business, please contact us.